artcomposé interiors



Strategy & Concept

It starts with you. On each project we listen, we immerse ourselves in your project and the challenges you face both today and tomorrow. Our design solutions are creative, sustainable and grounded in your objectives. Our first step is getting to know the project by asking in depth questions which enable us to research carefully and create a detailed survey. We then focus and define the direction the project needs to take before we begin our development process. With this step we ensure that we have the correct target for our vision and that our end user is properly understood.


Planning & Design

Once the concept and floor plan is approved, detailed plans and specifications are produced. We work on selecting signature details that will ensure the uniqueness and bespoke features of your project. Commercial projects may have branding included in this process. We create final plans, mocks ups and samples boards while respecting pre-established budgets. We use 3D perspectives using computer-based modeling to accurately represent how the space will appear.


Manufacturing & Sourcing

We source every element of the proposed design and work on CAD-drawings. Each part of the whole is carefully thought through, designed, and drawing sets and specifications schedules are ready to be used for tendering and build.


Construction & Installation

We collaborate with contractors and installation teams. We are prepared to handle last minute details and scheduling, to ensure on-point delivery of every project. Even when unforeseen circumstances arise, we have ample resources in place to keep the project on target. Our team also conducts strict quality control testing of the production, both before and after installation, ensuring the highest standard of quality.


Decor & Styling

This phase is one of soulfulness and poetry. That’s where the foundation and structure of the design gets its grooming and polishing. The furniture, artwork and details that tell the story and give heart and soul to the space. As interior designers, we work between people and places. By finding the connections between form and people’s everyday needs, we can create exceptional spaces that not only reflect vision, but can foster the growth and creativity of those who use them. We aim to elevate spaces, we aim to elevate people.


Organization & Space management

Organizing and managing workable living and working spaces will give you access to greater space immediately. We assess your needs and suggest a method and plan to transform your space into a more responsive and inspiring environment. Connecting the user to a more functional and powerful way to engage with the space available. An organized space is user friendly for everyone.